GDRC Reminders

The GDRC and Home & School Money Tree Fundraiser

By playing your TOONIE every week you are helping the GDRC, as well as the Home and School Association raise funds for recreation programming projects to maintain and modernize our facilities.
Here’s how to participate in our weekly 50/50 draw:
Step 1: Ask the GDRC staff or Home and School Association volunteers for a ticket OR fill out the MONEY TREE ticket at any MONEY TREE box location including: the Gagetown Community Recreation Centre, the Apple Tree Market, the Village of Gagetown Municipal office, the Orchard View Nursing Home, the Shell (Upper Gagetown), and the Gagetown School. Fill out the ticket to receive a MONEY TREE number. The number on the ticket is your PERMANENT number.
Step 2 : Insert your completed portion of the ticket in the slot on the MONEY TREE box.
Step 3 : Take the sticker supplied, put it on your TOONIE, write your number on the TOONIE and insert it into the MONEY TREE box.
Step 4 : Play every week, so that you always have a chance to win.