GDRC Reminders

GDRC & Home and School Money Tree 50/50

Be sure to renew your MONEY TREE number(s) this week for a chance to WIN the 50/50. The GDRC and the Home & School Assoc with draw a lucky number every THURSDAY @ 6:30PM.

If you donโ€™t know your number, no problem! We keep all numbers on file for the duration of the draw.

All proceeds will help maintain and sustain recreational programs and facilities in our community and help with field trips and events at the Gagetown School. Want in on the draw and help contribute to our community? Call ALYSSA SHUPE, Jenn Murray-Ball or Franziska Marie Piper Marie Piper to get a number.

We have MONEY TREE boxes set up in 6 locations including: the Community Recreation Centre, Gagetown School, Orchard View, the Apple Tree Market, the Shell and the Fire Dept.

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