Boot Camp Group Fitness

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp and team training give you the unique opportunity to not only challenge yourself with fun workouts, but bond with others who share the same passion for health and fitness. Our small group atmosphere is supportive and non-judgemental.

  • Interval;
  • HITT Training;
  • Cardio-based;
  • Strength-based;
  • Phi and Amrap;
  • Strength and Conditioning;
  • Applicable for every level of fitness and can be modified to suit your needs;
  • No experience necessary;

Commit to getting fit with the GDRC’s boot camp, a fun kick-butt workout program exclusive to GDRC members. Train with others in a small group setting, led by our inspiring and motivating team training coach.

Team Training connects you with others!

Work as a team towards your fitness goals with team training. Our coach focuses on helping you overcome specific challenges and improve your long-term health and wellness. It’s easy to stay motivated when you know you’re not in it alone.

Meet your Boot Camp coach!

Hi, my name is Jacqui Shannon and I will be your Boot Camp coach!

I am ISSA certified, that’s youth to seniors in strength and conditioning (internationally certified). I have done Boot Camps for three (3) years, senior’s Boot Camp at Valcourt, Fredericton for one (1) and have been personal training for just as long! Additionally, I train youth elite level hockey and softball teams and individual players ranging from 13 to 17 years.

Program Details:

  • 1x per week (Thursdays) @ 6-7pm;
  • Start date Oct 18th – June 6th;
  • Gagetown School Gymnasium;
  • GDRC Membership + additional fee ($8/session or $35/classes);
  • No equipment or experience needed!