• And we are bouncin' back with K-2 this month!

    And we are bouncin' back with K-2 this month!

    This program is designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship, and a love of the game! The goal of our Mini 3X3 Basketball Program is to provide students with the opportunity to master fundamental motor skills and fundamental basketball skills through participation, with quality coaching.

  • Did you hear? We’ve teamed up with Debra Ann MacDonald in support of the Field of Dreams!

    Did you hear? We’ve teamed up with Debra Ann MacDonald in support of the Field of Dreams!

    Did you hear? We’ve teamed up with Debra Ann MacDonald in support of the Field of Dreams project in raising funds to help us reach our goal! Are you looking to buy or sell? Easy, contact Debra Ann MacDonald and she will donate $100 towards the #FieldofDreams.

  • Mark your calendars!

    Mark your calendars!

    It's that time of year again...Trick or Treating with the GDRC! We are already decorated and counting down the days til' we get some trick or treaters'! We have treat bags with LOTS of candy and will have a carve your BEST pumpkin contest. Bring your carved pumpkin to the Community Centre and we will select a winner at the end of the night for a chance to WIN a monster treat bag...yes, MONSTER!

  • #BuildourFieldofDreams


    Be sure to renew your MONEY TREE #'s at our participating locations including the K & W, Shell, Apple Tree Market, Community Centre, Gagetown School, Gagetown Special Care Home and the Orchard View Nursing Home.

  • Toonie for a Turkey Campaign

    Toonie for a Turkey Campaign

    The GDRC Youth Leadership Group will be collecting TOONIES (donations) in partnership with the Jemseg Foodbank in purchasing a TURKEY for each family in need during Christmas. Look out for these leaders as they will begin to pledge for a great cause!


GDRC Reminders

What is Taekwondo?

The WTF Taekwondo Federation strives to promote the growth and development of Taekwondo and encourages physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for all athletes so that they can achieve their greatest potential. We aim to promote the art, philosophy, and sport of Taekwondo to help participants achieve competitive excellence.

Meet your Taekwondo Instructor!

Edna started Taekwon-Do in 1980 at the YMCA and has been instructing since 1986 in both Taekwon-Do WTF (world)  and ITF (international) with attaining the level of International instructor. Currently, Edna is the Chief Instructor of Lu’s NB based out of the O’Keefe Center at STU and Vice President of ITFNB. She is also a 4th degree in Taekwon-Do (The Art of Hand and Foot) and a 1st degree in Hap-Kido (Joint Locks and pressure points), a 5 time National Champion and 2 time World Champion in Middle weight sparing, competed in the World Championships in 2004(Malaysia) and 2006 (Bulgaria), won 4 gold medals – 2004 (middle weight sparring), 2006 ( middle weight sparring, 4th degree patterns and team power breaking), 1 silver ( individual power breaking 2006) and 1 bronze (3rd degree patterns 2004).

Program Details:

  • 1x per week (Mondays) @ 6:30-7:45pm;
  • Sept – June @ the Gagetown School (Sept 24th – June 10th);
  • GDRC Membership PLUS additional fee ($75/term, $150/family/term, payment options avail.);
  • No equipment or experience needed;
  • Advancement to each belt level with testing periods;
  • Uniforms are provided, as well as gear!