• HEY! Do you want to become a part of a great TEAM?

    HEY! Do you want to become a part of a great TEAM?

    Leadership group aims to empower youth ages 12-17 in our community with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives in addition to giving them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference.

  • Check out the GDRC Taekwondo Program with Edna Jewitt

    Check out the GDRC Taekwondo Program with Edna Jewitt

    Interested in Taekwon-Do? Better yet, interested in a new GDRC program with an International Instructor? 2 x World Champion? 5 x National Champion? Check it out!

  • Are you a jock of all SPORTS?

    Are you a jock of all SPORTS?

    Play a different sport every week with the GDRC Multi-Sport Program and expose your family or friends to a variety of different offerings! You may experience indoor sports such as Dodgeball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, and Kickball. This type of league is perfect if you want to 'test-drive' different sports, or if you have a mix of people on your team with different sporting backgrounds.

  • We want you!

    We want you!

    Do you want to be a part of a fantastic and hard-working team? Do you want to give back to your community? We have the answer for YOU! Volunteer today with your local GDRC!


GDRC Reminders


Strength SHRED is a high intensity, fun, and effective interval/circuit workout divided into sections of 3 minutes of strength moves, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of core. You will shed fat, define muscle, rev up your metabolism, and transform the look of your entire physique, and dramatically enhance your overall health and athletic performance.

Zumba Fitness is lively and exciting, making it not feel like exercise — it can still give you a beneficial and effective workout. Zumba Fitness is a whole-body aerobic exercise that utilizing lots of energy and burns calories through dancing. Zumba can also improve your flexibility and it can help to strengthen your core.

  • TUESDAYS (PLEASE NOTE THE DAY/TIME CHANGE) @ 6-7PM at the Gagetown School
  • Sign up via email @ gdrdirector@live.com OR phone (506)262-0291
  • $6/class OR $25/5 classes (punch-hole card)


Must have a valid GDRC Membership ($15/individual or $40/family). For more information contact Alyssa at gdrdirector@live.com or phone 488-3013 or 262-0291, don’t miss out on these great opportunities!